Participation info

Please contact boat show project manager for reservations:
Mr. Kristo Herzmann
Estonian Boat
Phone: +372 5044059

Pictures of furniture available for rent (pdf, 0,6mb)
Standard stand layour (to fill out) (pdf, 1,4mb)

March  10-12, 2023

Tallinn Boat Show Opening Hours:
March 10,        10:00 – 20:00
March 11,        10:00 – 18:00
March 12,        10:00 – 16:00

Estonian Fairs Centre
Pirita Road  28, 10127 Tallinn, Estonia

Products and services related to the following product groups will be exhibited at the fair:

yachts * launches * catamarans * boats * marine motors * seafaring instruments and equipment * small ship building * slipways and shipways, installation * navigation and communications systems, equipment and instruments  * marine electronics * marine safety, marine rescue equipment and devices * maintenance and repair work on boats and boat motors, rebuilding of boats * small ports, port equipment, technology and supplies * port, boat and swimming bridges, bridge accessories * SUVs * boat and jet trailers * marine markings and identification marking * marine supplies and clothing * small ship’s captains basic and in-service training * rental of boats, yachts and boat trailers * marine, hunting and water sports clubs * water motor sport, water motor technology and supplies * marine tourism  * organisation of water excursions and water excursion supplies * active vacation on and along bodies of water * sport fishing, fishing and camping supplies * extreme sport * surfing, water skiing and scuba diving supplies * marine romance * motorcycles, scooters and ATVs * water sports training * marine based collecting, model ships * marine charts, marine based literature and media * marine safety legislation, small ship navigation regulation and small ship insurance * financing products * leisure goods

Participation fee is at participation contract.
A non-refundable participation fee covers
– publication of the fair catalogue;
– general advertising expenses in part;
– issuance of printed materials in part;
– two parking cards.

In order to apply for fair services, the Exhibitor must fill in the registration form which must be submitted to the Organiser by 1. February at the latest. Orders submitted after this deadline will be satisfied according to the possibilities.

The Organiser will charge 50% extra of the price list for orders of constructions and fair services placed by Exhibitor during the exposition layout or exposing period.

Standard stand constructed by the Estonian Fairs will be delivered to the Exhibitor  at  9 a.m. March 3.

If the Exhibitor chooses to construct the stand through individual means and materials, the intended layout of the stand must be submitted to the Organiser by February 20, at the latest, in accordance with the prescribed fire-precautions and labour protection rules. Exhibitor should mount and dismantle his stand within the time limits prescribed by the Organiser. If the stand will be designed or constructed not by the Exhibitor but some other parties, the Exhibitor is committed to inform the Organiser about the name and contact data of the named party.

The exhibition time table:

Exposition layout:
March 3 and 4     9:00 – 20:00
March 5               9:00 – 10:00

Removal of exhibits and dismantling:
March 7               16:00 – 20:00
March 8                 9:00 – 20:00

Working in the pavilions outside the exhibition timetable extra  83 EUR per hour will be charged.


In proportion of the rented exhibition space identity cards will be issued  to the Exhibitor from the info stand.

The Exhibitor  is entitled to get up to 15 invitation cards free of charge.
For additionally ordered invitation cards 1 EUR per each will be charged extra.

The Exhibitor will receive two parking cards free of charge for the fair period. Extra parking cards are available in info stand for 15 EUR (valid during the mounting, exhibition and dismantling period) and single entry for  5 EUR at the entrance to the fair territory.

Data on companies and organisations participating at the Fair, submitted to the Organiser by February 1, at the latest, will be published in the online catalogue. The Organiser will also supply the price list for additional advertising.

The Exhibitor is obliged to take measures against the spread of noise, vibration and radiation caused by the exhibited device. The Exhibitor should guarantee the accordance of physical and biological safety factor parameters of his stands working environment to the limit values valid in the Republic of Estonia as well as the safety of visitors and stand personnel.

Confirmation for participation at the fair and invoice for the participation fee, rental for exhibition space or exhibition stand and fair services will be sent to the Exhibitor after receiving and accepting the properly filled Application Form.

Payments for additional fair services, also for those placed during the exhibition layout or exposing period will be remitted in 15 days after the closing of the Fair to the Organiser’s bank account according to the invoice sent to the Exhibitor.

Participation fee is not refundable. The Exhibitor is entitled to cancel all reservations prior to February 6 bearing no sanctions. Reservations cancelled after February 1 are subject to any charges which have already fallen due, incl. all participation, standard stand or exhibition space rental fees in full.